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 Basic Laws

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PostSubject: Basic Laws   Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:20 pm

To those who read this you must beware of the common rules of the site. Though strict, keep in mind it is for the safety of you users. Now then without any other statements the basic rules of the site.

001 Content
Yes this site runs on a certain level of content. Though sexual interaction is allowed I will not allow it on the chatbox or forum threads.  If you are to have sexual content on the site make sure to go straight to private messaging. This rule is to be followed as it is mandatory to stay with the terms and regulations of free forums.  As to language, yes language is limited --- you may swear but try to keep control of it because we wish to have a friendly environment. Racial profiling is also not allowed what so ever, we want to keep the users happy, making fun of their ethnicity is not fun nor is it okay. If you are caught in the act of racial profiling, you will be banned for a week.

002 Role playing
All role playing styles are allowed except for that of the one liners and chantango role playing. Example this type of role playing is not allowed:

Quote :
-Jasmine throws a rock at Bobby knocking him out-.

If caught using one liners you will be told to delete and post properly. Example of proper role playing is this:

Quote :
Jasmine picks up a rock, with her frustration she tosses it at Bobby. Hoping that the rock would connect with his head knocking him out.

Be sure not to break posting order and solo posting is allowed but wait every 10 minutes to post. ALSO As ManyTOPICS AS YOU WANT AT A TIME! Also, your RP character should be organic, living and human-like. We don't want to see trees, rocks, papers, gingerbread man, etc. on our site. Weird we are saying this but it should be said nevertheless

003 Advertisements
There is a place to advertise your sites it would be in the advertisement section. It is guest friendly but we ask you not to spam that section over and over again with your site seeing how it will result in us deleting the said topic.

004 Godmodding
Godmodding is not allowed what so ever. For those who do not know what godmodding is, it is when a user claims to move from one area to another without explaining it as well as claiming to be invincible. Anyone who is caught doing this will receive a warning on first hand and will be asked to edit said post.

005 Chatbox
Granted that this is for fun it still has rules which must be followed. Content is like that of rules OO1. Respect the Chatbox moderator, if you do not obey the moderators or admin you will be given a warning, second offense is ban from cbox for one day. Do not post images unless you know how to post the spoiler code

[spoiler][img]Image here[/img][/spoiler]

006 Staff

007 Warnings
Users only get so many warnings, a total of five chances will be given till serious action will be taken.

  • First offense: this will be a warning of which a staff member will administer, this will not be documented.
  • Second Offense: This will be a fraction warning which will be documented and will result in one day of not posting on the forum.
  • Third Offense: This will be a fraction warning which will be documented and will result in a two day ban.
  • Fourth Offense: This will be a fraction warning which will be documented and will result in a three day ban.
  • Fifth Offense: This will be a fraction warning which will be documented and will result in a four day ban.
  • Any other Offense: this will result in either a permanent ban or deletion of your applications. It will be up to the admin of the site to decide your punishment.

For members who do not know what fraction warnings are, it is a warning that will announce to all users that you are ever so close to the red zone of danger and might be close to a ban or worse so be careful. Only an admin can document the warnings, if a staff member who is not admin wishes to give one out they must message an admin. If a staff member wishes to give out a documented infraction but is not admin, they must provide documentation of why the infraction is necessary including screenshots, comments, and quotes of the incident. There will be 4 fraction warnings that are given out till serious punishment will be administered. If you feel like you have wrongly been given an infraction that is documented then you may appeal it in a process of which will give you one full week to gather your proof. Proof you will need that will help you are and not limited to: Witness, Quotes, Screenshots, logs. Note that tampering with proof may result in further punishment than what is administered. Upon the the appeal process, your infraction documentation will be relinquished until proven guilty. Those who will judge will be those who did not take part in the event that are on staff. The staff member who accused you will also not be present and will have to hand over reason for why they gave out said infraction during the time you are gathering proof. This system is set up much like a court system to assure that you are innocent until proven guilty, if you are guilty then the infraction documentation will be placed back. You only will receive more punishment if evidence of tampering or fowl behavior upon the appeal. To form an appeal to an infraction use this template below.


User Account Infracted:
Type of Infraction handed out:
Date of Incident:
Staff member who handed out Infraction:
Reason Staff member infracted you: {in their words not yours}

Private message this template to any of the Head Staff, or Public Relations Staff. They will then lok over your case and look into the staff member who infracted you, proof. After doing so they will send you notification of your Appeal Date, and you have until then to gather proof. If you have to be away from the key board for a bit during the date of the appeal date then your case will be put on hold or terminated depending on the proof you can offer that shows you can not make it that day. We want this site to be the best it can be and you users are what make it that way, so everyone has a fair and even chance.

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Basic Laws
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