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 Open For Business!

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PostSubject: Open For Business!   Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:02 pm

Open for Business


Hello and welcome new users, it is great to see that we have some users here, I am happy to announce the site is completely underway and ready for your adventure to begin. I want to start off by explaining that I am so happy that this site has the ability to take part in letting creative minds flourish.  We strive to be unique in all aspects so we are small but we feel with your help we can very well take on top competitor sites.  It is important to note that you the user have more power than you think! If you have any suggestions in what might help the forum whether it be rule modifications, rule additions, location additions, or so forth feel free to post it, we like to say no answer is wrong and we will do all we can to accommodate you. As you all know this site is small right now and does not have a domain name, this may have us at a disadvantage but I assure you it will be no issue for us.  This site serves as a safe haven for those who want to try new and venture out of their comfort zone. The rules here are extremely unique as well as the over all design layout.  The staff set up is also unique in a way.  That brings to another topic at hand, staff. Right now we currently have Three Staff members, Kikato, Sameonna, and of course yours truly.  As of right now we are hiring for staff members but not in admin position. Right now we are looking for 1 member to help with PR which is public relations, which Kikato is head department of, 1 member to help with battle sequences which is battle staff, which Sameonna is head department of, 1 member to help with GM which is Global Mod, and finally 1 member to help with CB which is Chatbox Staff.  If you feel like you are up to the task feel free to pm me here. Now without further adieu lets meet the staff.

The Staff

As mentioned before right now we only have three staff members but we plan on hiring more, but for the time being there will only ever be three admin which all three are in charge of separate sections as well as unified in other sections.

  • Alexx,AKA, me: I am the Founder of the site and was once a well known site owner for the old Naruto Lucid Dreams which accumulated over 500 users online daily till it was unfortunately hacked.  All locations to the site have since been deleted which brings to the reason why I recreated it.  I recreated it because the site was unique that is what brought people to it in the first place, the rules were fair, it was enjoyable and everyone was as active as ever.  I am currently head of Design and Coding and have made my mark by completely remodeling the forumotion site to look unique in a way that really no site has ever dreamed of doing or thinking was possible. I have a double major in Music Engineering and Graphic Design. On my spare time I like to play video games and listen to music, when I am bored it often leads me to create out of this world things, aka this site and much more to come.

  • Kikato: He is the second owner of this site and is otherwise known as Fen or Ian. Kikato is a very avid role player and often takes his roles very seriously. That being said he is also kind and knows how to solve fights from both sides of the quarter. He is in charge of Public Relations because unlike most people I know he knows how to solve conflict fairly easy. He is well known on several sites and has been admin with me on three other sites which unfortunately have failed one way or another.  He currently has a tight schedule but he always makes times to post or look at applications he is well spirited and just overall nice, he can be strict at times but that is for the well being of the user to make sure all is fair.

  • Sameonna: She is the third owner of this site is really well known for her role playing skills in battle.  Never once has she fallen in battle, well there was that one time but hey she doesn't count it so it is okay.  Everyone strives to battle her and win, she is very goofy and ahem, eccentric. She has an odd asphyxiation with water or anything to do with the mist village. She is like the mother of that village, you harm it she harms you.  She is well known in the role playing society and has been on numerous sites.  She is in charge of the Battle Sequences and anything relating to battle to make sure no nonsense is going on.  On her spare time she likes to relax and indulge in whatever it is she does to make the awesome posts she does. She can be a bit of an air head, but hey she also can be quite the rival.

Now that you know the staff i suppose you are wondering, well where does this take place on the time line, what separates you from the other naruto sites? Why should I role play here?

I am glad you asked, to fairly honest this site doesn't really take place in the naruto universe timeline, in fact it actually happens to be a split timeline. Wow so cliche, I can hear the sarcasm already brewing in your head while you roll your eyes and are about to click off this page out of disinterest.  But I assure you it gets better, in the words of the great sellsman in commercials, BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! What if instead of Hagaromo teaching ninjutsu never happened, what if there was a split timeline in which Hagaromo was dead, that would cut the ties of the Indra and Asura rivalry thus completely shattering Madra, Hashirama, Naruto, and Sasuke from ever existing.  What if instead there was scrolls upon scrolls of Hagaromo's teachings to where someone of random stumbled upon it and taught it to others and that gave birth to Ninjutsu.  Wow how stupid boooooo, yeah the idea is really out there but because of this timeline split, there was no separation with the villages, they all remained united as one land with six different sections. Am I peaking your interest now? No villages means no war, no war means peace. Wait I can tell you are now getting annoyed because the peace thing,  I never stated that was entirely true, there are obviously going to be villains, but you get to chose that you get to write a whole new series in the naruto universe that takes part in the split timeline where Hagaromo dies. You can choose to be good or evil. You choose your standing, and your choices make the story. The plot is entirely at your finger tips, so if this has you interested then prepare yourself for the journey that is Naruto Lucid Dreams! Welcome to the site, and welcome to the new adventure, happy role playing!
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Open For Business!
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