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 Law of Ranking

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PostSubject: Law of Ranking   Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:51 am


It is important to note that after you create a character you abide to this rule and fully understand what this rule means.  All users are to start off at the rank of D, there will be no exceptions. If you wish to create a character of higher rank there are two ways to do so which will be explained further in this rule. No user is allowed to apply for SS rank as this is a rank given out to the winner of an event. There is another way of obtaining SS rank but that will be further explained in this rule. Any and all users who put in their application that they are higher than D rank will be asked to change it to D-rank that is unless they provide a link for proof. This again will be explained later on in this rule.  If the user does not have a link for proof and still refuses to change the rank their character will not be approved until changes have been made. It is to the understanding that you the user agree to these terms once your character has been made.

  • There are two ways on how to get a high ranked character, these are the following ways.

  1. OOC, there is a section on this site titled "Role Play Request" this is where the user will apply to be of a higher rank, note the higher the rank the harder the difficulty it will be to complete.  The role play sample requested of the user will be entirely up to the battle staff, it may or may not involve combat but strategy, again the sample is entirely up to the battle staff. All role play samples must be new and can not be copy and pasted or transferred over from another site, this is to prevent any infringement issues under the free forumotion terms of agreement. once approved by a battle staff you are to link the topic on your application, a staff member who has the power to approve applications will approve it and you will be good to go.
  2. IC, there will be situations where IC you will be able to rank up. Situations such as taking part in events, how many people you have battled and finally being appointed a rank up by a higher ranked user as they have the power to rank any one up so long as they provide a good in character reason and the battle staff approves.

  • There are two ways to be SS ranked, though they are both tough, here are the following ways.

  1. Events, if an event calls for an NPC villain with the standing for Chaotic Evil and is the equivalent of SS rank, any one who becomes the victor of the NPC or event will be appointed Savage Savior and give the title SS, this rank increases all jutsu by 1 rank and all weapon damages by 1 rank. Note that if there are two victors, there will have to be a battle between the two users to the accommodations the battle staff sees fit to choose the winner.
  2. Challenging an SS rank user, you can also achieve this title by challenging an SS rank user. In doing so the SS rank user gets to chose the fighting terms. Both users instantly jump up to SS rank during this fight to see how they both use this ability, who ever wins gets the SS rank title, if you challenge and you lose you do not die but you can not challenge again for another week in real time from the time you challenged.  If you lose as the one with the SS rank, you lose your title and get bumped down to S rank, how ever you can not challenge for that title till the following week from the challenge. 
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Law of Ranking
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