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  Law of Mortality

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PostSubject: Law of Mortality   Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:55 pm


Full disclosure: if at any point you feel you are immortal in this site you are gravely mistaken. Every and anything can die. That being said, you are granted chances to prolong the events of your character's death. If you are in the events of about to die and it seems logical based on your character's strengths and skills that you can not avoid the inevitable then you have forfeited your character and now are dead. For the most part death can only be granted to those who want their character to die, however if in the events of a site event or an impossible situation to get out of death is also plausible. Let it be known that NPC can also die and share no immortality rate, if you do indeed kill an NPC depending on it's allegiance you may or may not face penalties. Penalties start and most certainly to not limited to, Loss of ever gathering certain materials for crafting, being placed under the criminal bingo book, ect. Under the act and Law of Naruto Lucid Dreams section B of Mortality, all users are required to obliged the following rules of mortality before creating a character.  Once you create a character you sign the terms of agreement that you comply with this law.

When Death is Acceptable

  1. If caught in the events that the user physically can not avoid an attack due to being either out of resources or chakra the user must forfeit death if the opponent is using an attack that results in death.
  2. If in the events that the user finds boredom with the current character they can forfeit their character's account and kill it off.  This includes but is not limited to a battle that was initially friendly but the user intentionally does not block an attack and takes the hit and makes it aim for their heart or any other fatal area.  Note if the user kills off their character in this way they can not claim any rewards that they may have collected while this character was still alive on any new character. This means no weapons, no armor or the like.
  3. When killing an NPC, the user does not need permission to kill an NPC, unless the NPC can defend itself the NPC will die but re-precautions may or may not take place. If in the events that an NPC can defend itself then a death battle will be initiated in which a battle staff member will take the place of the accused NPC. Look to the first rule to understand how death will be allowed for this event.
  4. If inactive your character will be killed off in the next time skip or arc, you have a total of 1 week to be absent if in the events that you have not come back in the week your character will be killed off, but your equipment on that character will be held in a vault for a month, if in the case you still have no returned in the month the items will be up for grabs first come first serve, if you do come back your items will be returned to you on your next character creation. If you posted in the farewell area and claim that you will be longer than a month then you will be given an exception. If you are in a topic with a user and been gone for 48 hours than the topic becomes null and void, but all word count is saved in both accounts.

Punishments for NPC Killing

  • Unless the NPC is an Event NPC which plays the part of the villain or is a  NPC of negative allegiance you will be given a punishment for killing NPCs. The following are the ways you will be punished.

  1. If the NPC has a standing of  Lawful Good, Neutral Good, ChaoticGood, and so forth the punishment will drop your allegiance by one standing. Example if you are Lawful Good and you kill an NPC your Allegiance drops to Neutral Good. If in the Events that you drop into the range of Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil. Then you will be placed in the criminal Bingo book and be hunted down by every ninja who has a standing of Good or Neutral, should they choose. Among this if your standing drops to Evil you can not purchase goods from the regular ninja market you can only purchase from the black market.
  2. If the NPC has a standing of Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral and you kill it then your standing will remain the same unless currently in the standing of Chaotic Good of which you drop straight to True Neutral. If you hit the Neutral Stand Point you will not be hunted down but you can not purchase from the NPC in the standing of Good only the Neutral standing NPC

Appraisals for Killing NPCs

  • Much like possibly getting a punishment for killing an NPC you can also get awards.

  1. If in the events you kill an NPC under the standing of Evil then you can gain standing depending on which evil you kill.  Lawful Evil is one standing, Neutral Evil is two standings, Chaotic Evil is three standings. This can benefit users who have Evil standings to get back in good standing.
  2. If you kill a Chaotic Evil NPC then you gain the title of the Savage Savior of which is an Automatic SS Rank, note though this is only given through Events, you can also challenge any SS ranked user for their rank as well. 

Reaper Trials

  • If you as a user are killed your character will be transferred into Limbo, in which you are given a chance to revival. Note that if you do get revival you are forbidden to fight for 24hrs of real time, and users can't attack your for 24hrs of real time as well. Also note that this only is allowed once per account, so if you die a 2nd time you do not get a trial.  The Rules of the Trials are as followed:

  1. Depending on your standing a certain reaper will show up, Good=Angel of Heaven, Neutral=Limbos Gate Keeper, Evil=Hell's Servant.  Each Reaper has a different method of passing.
  2. Angel of Heaven's Trial Consists of Three Dice Rolls, If 2 of the dice are Even you are released half health, if all three the dice are even then you are released full health, if the dice only has one even numbed then you are released near death. If the dice is uneven on all three dice then you forfeit your character account to the Reaper but your weapons and items will be saved for your next character but you can't use the weapons for 72hrs of real time.
  3. Limbo's Gate Keeper's Trial consists of role play sample on your journey to limbo and begging for your life back as well as a fee of 50 ryo. Note that if the role play sample is not up to the standards the battle staff requires then your character account is forfeit but you get to choose one item you want to keep from your inventory but the item is locked from use until your character hits the rank the weapon is required for, if the user is already that rank on start then the item is locked for 72hrs real time upon character creation.
  4. Hell's Servant's Trial consists of a NPC battle which the battle staff will take part in, you must slay the the Reaper in order to escape, in which if you do you get a chakra boost called Demonic Plague which will allow you to double your damage on any ninjutsu, however this effect only lasts for 24hrs real time once you are eligible to fight again. Note that if you use the Demonic Plague you can drain your health as well, if you use it for more than 6 posts you die from spontaneous combustion and you lose all your weapons.  If you don't survive the trial then you forfeit your character account but all bladed weapons are saved for your next character but they have a stat of Demonic Plague, where like the chakra they cause damage to you for every use. Note the status never goes away and you can only use the bladed weapons with this status for 2 posts each, but you can't use more than one weapon with the status in a row. Like the chakra demonic plague doubles the damage given from the bladed weapon. The weapons however are on lock down for 72hrs of real time from the start of character creation.

Characters Allowed?

  • If in the events that you want more than one character you are allowed to do so, whether your main character dies or not so long as these rules are followed.

  1. If you have a main that is currently alive you are allowed 2 more accounts however both accounts have to be 1 rank lower than your most recent character, if in the events both accounts are rank D that is the only exception as there is no rank lower than D currently.
  2. If you have a main that has died you are allowed 3 character's but your next created character has to be one rank lower than your main that died. Followed by the next two accounts must follow rule 1, but if in the events both accounts are rank D that is the only exception as there is no rank lower than D currently.

Under the registry of a character under the section B of Mortality you, the user, comply to the laws of mortality and understand that if you break the rules in any way that you consent to the Staff asking for changes and complying to the said changes.
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Law of Mortality
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