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 Law of Jinchuriki

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PostSubject: Law of Jinchuriki   Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:52 am

 Law of Jinchuriki
Here at Naruto Lucid Dreams, we want to give everyone a fighting chance to be a bijuu wielder, that being said, there are rules behind how to obtain them and how to train them. Upon trying to obtain one, it is important to note that you now stated you have read and agree with the terms of the rules and will follow them to the exact note.

How to Obtain:

There are two ways to obtain a Bijuu, both require a set of rules to follow.

  • Instantly getting one, this seems like an automatically awarded, but rest  assured it is not, simply it is the chance to get one provided that the rules are followed, the name is misleading but still it is the fastest way to achieving one. The rules are as followed:

  1. First rule, user must state in the application to creating a character "Yes" under the Jinchuriki section. This will instate a staff member to activate the Jinchuriki Roll.
  2. Second rule, the Jinchuriki Roll activation is a two sided dice roll which will either be a 1 or a 2, if it is a 1 you have the ability to roll for a bijuu if it is a 2 you have been denied the ability to be a Jinchuriki at the start, however if you have a 2 you are allowed to use the start ryo all users get of 500 ryo to re-roll for a possible chance of a 1.
  3. Third rule, upon rolling a 1 the user now gets the ability to roll the Bijuu dice which is a nine sided dice, which ever number the user rolls will indicate which tailed beast they now have. It is important to note that if the user rolls on an already owned tailed beast they must roll again, if there is only one more tailed beast left they have ownership of the last one

  • Capturing, this one is the hardest one to do as it requires numerous amounts of rules to be followed and a certain trait.

  1. First Rule, user must have at least A rank in Fuuinjutsu on their stats.
  2. Second rule, user must have knowledge in Fuuinjutsu
  3. Third rule, user must have Rinnengan or access to Rinnengan for the required jutsu to capture the tailed beast
  4. Fourth rule, if trying to seal it into yourself user can avoid rule 3 but must have medical jutsu training or have someone who has medical jutsu training to assist them.
  5. Fifth rule, user must battle the tailed beast upon sealing, this means the user has to fight the tailed beast in their own mind, this is to prevent the tailed beast from breaking out or taking over. The post has to be 2500 words long and a battle staff will NPC as the tailed beast.
  6. Sixth rule, if splitting the Tailed beast from Yin and Yang, you need to have S rank Fuuinjutsu and follow the rules above for sealing.


There is only one way to train tails which is to train in threads with a certain amount of word count, note that the higher the tails the more the word count is required, please note that threads that are not training for the tails at any given point will not help you obtain the tails and will not count towards getting them.

  1. Tail-One requires 1000 WC
  2. Tail-Two requires 1500 WC
  3. Tail-Three requires 2000 WC
  4. Tail-Four requires 2500 WC
  5. Tail-Five requires 3000 WC
  6. Tail-Six requires 3500 WC
  7. Tail-Seven requires 4000 WC
  8. Tail-Eight requires 4500 WC
  9. Tail-Nine requires 5000 WC


Upon gaining a tail you get ranks added to your stats, much like buffs but they are on a timer.

Each gained Tail=1 Rank up fully on Chakra, Physical Speed, Fighting Warrior, and Healing Factor

if You are already at SS rank on all these stats you can not go up any further.

Tail Phases phase can only last 5 posts before wearing down, but once deactivated the stats will revert back to normal but the Chakra, Physical Speed, Fighting Warrior, and Healing Factor stats will go down by 1 rank till the thread is over in which the stats will revert back to normal.

It is important to note once you are a Jinchuriki you can learn any Sage Modes what so ever.
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Law of Jinchuriki
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