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 Law of Posting

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PostSubject: Law of Posting   Tue Mar 28, 2017 12:08 am

Law of Posting

We here at Naruto Lucid Dreams, would like to state that there is a rule in posting on this forum, I know boring and lame right? WRONG, it is to prevent you being god modded or bs posts from poking their heads through, in the words of anime characters it their normal japanese dub "BAKA!" Now then the rules are pretty obvious and much of it was explained in the basic laws thread, so if you need a refresher please look there. It is important to note that if you post a thread you have signed the contract that states you agree to these terms and have read the rules as such. 


  • First rule, the style of posting is turn based, think of a pokemon game or any rpg game such as final fantasy, one person attacks then the next person attacks, it is much like this in all aspects whether it is conversation or battling.
  • Second rule, there is a posting limit, this is not to say there is a cap on a thread but there is a cap as to how many times you can post at a time, if solo you must wait the alotted time of 10 minutes per post to post again in a row, but you cap at five posts per thread solo, per day real time. 
  • Third rule, you are allowed to have as many people in the thread you would like, however you must abide by a posting order by looking at who posted first and who posted after them and so on so forth, posting order may be broken if user is inactive for 48 hrs total.
  • Fourth rule, you may have private threads in the sense that only you and another party can only take part, that being said this means no bs posting about entering the thread if you have no permission.
  • Fifth rule, you can not have any explicit intimate threads, this breaches the terms and agreement with Free Forumotion so if you are caught doing so the thread will be deleted immediately and you will be asked to take it to pms, if you fail to follow instructions after being warned you will be given an infraction point.
  • Sixth rule, you are to post using more than one line and can not be in action typing, IE: -susan throws a ball-. It needs to be something like this: Susan picks up a ball, looks around to see no one is there. Suddenly she gets the urge to throw it for no apparent reason, this triggers her to do so and that was the end of that.

It is important to note that once you create a thread you have stated you agree to these terms and have read the rules thoroughly, we hope to role play with you real soon, enjoy your adventure!
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Law of Posting
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