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 Law of Transfer

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PostSubject: Law of Transfer   Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:59 pm


It is important to note that we of Naruto Lucid Dreams, would like to be unique than other naruto sites. If you are apart of a naruto site that is either dead, near death, or you got bored of well have no fear we are here.  This system is set up so that your character created here can have everything that you had from the site you are transferring from. That being said there are some rules to be followed to do so. Upon creating a character you have signed over the agreement of this site's terms and agreement by stating that you have read and understand the rules of this law.


  • First rule, if you want to have everything your character from your other site that you are transferring from, then you must have the same username on that site and must be the same character. This is for the main reason that we want to prevent copyright claims and breaking terms and agreements from other sites. We know that if it is in fact your content you can bring it over here we just ask that you provide proof.
  • Second rule, you can only transfer over items, jutsu, weapons, and word counts but if your character is not up to the same rank as your character was from the transfer they still can't use any of it till their rank matches up with the items, jutsu, weapons. This excludes word count.
  • Third rule, if you are transferring over word count, you must provide proof of gained word count with an existing thread that the word count was approved, and must provide proof that you have not already banked on the word count you wish to transfer.
  • Fourth rule, transferring over multiple bloodlines is not allowed
  • Fifth rule, you can only transfer from one site per character.
  • Sixth rule, if you are trying yo transfer limited, bijuu, or other equipment that can be only given to a certain amount of users it will be denied.

Here at Naruto Lucid Dreams, we want to make this site unique, and this is one of the many ways, think of this rule as a new game + mode and you just started up a new file to live a new adventure with more challenges and excitement.  We hope that you enjoy, and hope to role play with you all so soon!
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Law of Transfer
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